Client Name: Liebherr-Great Britain Limited
- - -
An ongoing training programme has been run for this client since 1999, initially for the delivery of two two-day training courses for 30 delegates (in 3 streams of 10 throughout the UK). These delegates comprised the entire sales & management structure of the company.

The first course covered Presentation Skills, and the second Fundamental Selling Skills. After a break of approximately 3 years we then extended this programme during 2003 by the completion of a further two-day module for Advanced Selling & Account Management for the entire sales force (again in 3 streams across the UK). Summit also delivered a number of further two-day modules for Presentation Skills for a wider cross-section of staff.

Further staff development has now been confirmed for 2006.

Client Name: Pegler Limited
- - -
In the autumn of 2003 a programme of three 3-day 2-module training courses was delivered to equip the combined sales forces of Pegler and Hattersley Valves (approximately 30 staff in total) with high-level professional Key Account Management skills. Whilst the two companies have subsequently de-merged, Summit continues to be involved with the ongoing development of staff within both organisations.

In 2004 a 2-day course was run with approximately a dozen members of staff from the Sales & Marketing departments of Pegler, covering professional Business Presentation Skills. Subsequently, a course was also delivered for members of the Pegler management team to provide them with an understanding of Strategic Sales Management.

We are currently discussing with Pegler thir requirements for further training and development during 2006.

Client Name: Prodrive
- - -
We are delighted to number Prodrive amongst our most loyal customers, having worked with them since 1999.

A rolling development programme for the sales team has now been underway since that time. To date, the delegates have undertaken two 2-day training modules in Key Account Management, a two-day module on Presentation Skills and a two-day module covering Advanced Negotiation Skills combined with a brief overview of Pricing Strategy. Most recently, this process continued in June 2005 with a further two-day module for Consultative Selling Skills, combined with a review of Key Account Management.

Client Name: Crawford & Company
- - -
Since mid-2002 we have been involved with the ongoing development of a wide range of staff within Crawford & Company for both the UK and International parts of the organisation. To date this has included:

A detailed Training Needs Analysis culminating in a substantial consultancy report.
A 4-day 2-module Key Account Management programme for the UK Account Management team.
A 2-day Consultative Selling module for the UK Sales team.
A 2- day Negotiation Skills module for both the above teams.
A 12-day 4-module rolling development programme for the International Sales team covering Consultative Selling, Key Account Management, Negotiation, Business Presentation and Business Finance.
A 6-day 3-module rolling development programme for the CEMEA team covering Business Presentation skills.
We have also carried out a consultancy assignment to assist Crawford to recruit a new member of the senior management team.

Looking ahead, Summit have just secured a new programme of Presentation Skills training for staff across the European region, and will be delivering training courses in Norway, Germany and Spain later in 2005. We continue to discuss other training requirements with this client, including their development needs in the United States & Canada as well as the UK and Europe.
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