Sales Training
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Summit Corporate Training believes passionately that professional sales people are indispensable to any business-to-business organisation; yet a substantial proportion of sales people are inadequately skilled.
We offer a broad range of bespoke training courses and programmes for sales staff at all levels, from those new to the role through to the most senior individuals. These cover such areas as:

Customer Handling Skills
Fundamental Sales Skills
Consultative Selling
Key Account Management
Business Negotiation
Presentation Skills
Telephone Selling
Writing Sales & Business proposals
Many of these skills are also vitally important for other staff who may not consider themselves to be sales people, yet are customer-facing and therefore influential in the customers' perception of the organisation.
Depending on the subject matter, a mixture of tutorial, role-play, syndicate work, practical exercises & case studies may be used.
Every course and programme we develop is different - yet we always ensure that courses are interactive, motivational, relevant to our clients' business environment and tailored to their specific needs and agreed objectives.
Every course and programme we develop is tailored to our clients' specific needs and agreed objectives.