Summit Corporate Training
client-specific staff training in key business skills

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Are your staff your most important asset? If they are - and we would be surprised if this was not the case - then Summit Corporate Training can help your business to grow.

Whatever your organisation does, your staff need to sell, manage and communicate professionally - and that's where Summit Corporate Training comes in. We offer unrivalled expertise in these fundamental business skills and deliver bespoke training courses and staff development to address the specific needs of each client.

Summit Corporate Training was founded in January 1997, and has always specialised in client-specific training courses and programmes designed to develop staff to achieve their full potential.

Based in London, we have worked with clients throughout the UK, as well as France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA.

Our Associates are highly skilled individuals with enormous practical experience in their own fields, and an ability to enthuse, motivate and instruct delegates.

We offer expertise in fundamental business skills, bespoke training courses and staff development to address specific needs of each client.